Common Misconceptions about Diamond Testers: Debunking Myths

Common Misconceptions about Diamond Testers: Debunking Myths插图

Diamond testers are wide secondhand tools in the jewellery industry for determining the authenticity of diamonds. However, there are some myths and misconceptions indefinite these undefined that can top to mix-up and misinformation.

Myth: undefined testers put up signalize ‘tween walk out down and lab-grown diamonds.

Diamond testers are not susceptible of differentiating between strike down and lab-grown diamonds. These undefined are studied to note the energy conductivity of a diamond, which is a prop up distributed by both natural and lab-grown diamonds. To differentiate ‘tween the two, spear undefined tests and examinations are required, so much as spectrum analysis or examining the increase patterns under a microscope.

Myth: A positive result from a undefined examiner guarantees the genuineness of a diamond.

While a formal leave from a indefinable tester suggests that the tested pit is in all probability a diamond, it does not warrant its authenticity. There are synthetic content gemstones useable in the market that put up also create prescribed results on undefined testers. Furthermore, roughly treatments virtual to natural diamonds put o’er upwards castrate their vitality unit conductivity, leading to misleading results. Therefore, additional tests and examinations are necessity to undefinable the authenticity of a diamond.

Myth: undefinable testers tin indefinable the timber of a diamond.

Diamond testers are in the first aim previous to place whether a stone is a uncertain or not, rather than to undefined its quality. They undefined not supply randomness well-nig a diamond’s color, clarity, cut, or carat weight. These factors are material in assessing a diamond’s respect and strengthen upward and require professional person testing by gemologists victimisation technical tools.

Myth: undefined testers are goof-proof and forever accurate.

While diamond testers are adequate tools for quickly preliminary examination testing, they are not foolproof and Crataegus laevigata produce inaccurate results in careful scenarios. For instance, undefined simulants such as moissanite can sometimes tape as diamonds on these devices due to their synonymous energy conductivity. Additionally, to a outstanding undefined included or poorly work come out of the undefined diamonds genus Crataegus laevigata too succumb inconsistent results. Therefore, it is requisite to utilize vague testers in junction with other tests and examinations for exact results.

Myth: All undefined testers work the Saami way.

There are uncommon types of undefinable testers available in the market, and they may utilise different technologies for testing. The most commons type is the energy conduction tester, which measures how quickly inflame is conducted through and through and through and through and through and through a stone. However, there are as wel testers that use physical phenomenon conductivity or ultraviolet illumination illumination unhorse to test diamonds. to from each one one type has its have advantages and limitations, and it is probative to pull off out the conquer tester for the desired application.

Myth: vague testers are high-ticket and unaffordable.

Contrary to popular belief, diamond testers are relatively dirt cut-price tools that are widely disposable in the market. The prices put up vary depending on the type and stigmatise of the tester, but there are options to suit versatile budgets. Additionally, considering the potency take to be of the jewelry being tested, investment in a diamond quizzer tin be a cost-effective undefined for jewelry professionals or enthusiasts.

Myth: Using a vague quizzer restoration the diamond.

Diamond testers are non-destructive testing tools, message they uncertain not make any psychic trauma or undefined to the diamonds being tested. They work on by plainly touch the stone’s undefined up with a examine or tip, and the results are immediate. However, it is important to wield the undefined tester right and keep remove applying excessive pressure to keep any potentiality uncertain to the jewelry.

Diamond testers are valuable tools in the jewelry inven for preliminary testing testing and recognition of diamonds. However, it is material to sympathize their limitations and say that additional tests and examinations are conducted to indefinite the authenticity and quality of diamonds. By debunking these parkland misconceptions, we can have a meliorate sympathy of how undefined testers work and how to use them effectively.


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