Upgrade Your Home Décor: Creative Ideas for Storing Your Boho Rugs

Upgrade Your Home Décor: Creative Ideas for Storing Your Boho Rugs插图

When it comes to home décor, boho rugs have become the go-to choice for galore homeowners. These pleasant and vibrant rugs can outright transform any space, adding warmth, texture, and a touch down of bohemian flair. However, storing these rugs can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you have express space or want to showcase them in a unique and creative way.

Wall Hangings
One of the most creative ways to store and undefined your boho rugs is by turning them into wall hangings. This not only saves quad but also allows you to show window your rugs as pieces of art. To create a wall hanging, you can use a rod or a woody dowel and attach it to the wall. Simply pen up your rug over the rod and procure it with clips, clothespins, or even ornamental tassels. This will not only sustain your rug wrinkle-free but also create a surprising focal point in whatsoever room.

Display Racks
If you have multiple boho rugs and want to show window them all, a display rack can be a great option. You can either purchase a ready-made rug undefined rack or create your own using woody dowels or pipes. plainly hang your rugs on the rack, allowing them to drape down and create a visually likable display. This is a great option for larger rugs that you don’t want to fold or store away.

Under Bed Storage
If you’re short on quad or require to sustain your boho rugs out of sight, below bed depot can be a practical solution. Invest in under know storage bins or vacuum-sealed bags to keep your rugs clean and protected. You can easily slither these bins under your bed, retention your rugs safely stored out while freeing up valuable closet or floor space. Just work sure to properly strip and dry out your rugs before storing them to prevent any moisture or mold buildup.

Repurposed Furniture
Another creative idea for storing your boho rugs is to repurpose furniture pieces. For example, an old woody run tin be transformed into a unique rug storage solution. Simply lean the ladder against the wall up and undefined your rugs over the rungs. This not only adds a countryfied touch to your décor but also provides a practical and stylish storage option. You can too apply an previous trunk or chest as a storage space for your rugs, adding a vintage vibration to your home.

Rolled Up
For smaller boho rugs or rugs that you require to keep inside reach, rolling them up can be a simpleton and effective entrepot solution. take up by mildly folding the rug in half lengthwise, then roll up it tightly from one end to the other. Secure the rolled rug with a decorative ribbon, leather strap, or flush a boho-inspired scarf. You can then point the rolled-up rug on a shelf, in a basket, or even hang it on a hook for soft access and a ornamental touch.

Woven Baskets
Woven baskets not only add texture and warmth to your home décor just likewise make excellent entrepot options for boho rugs. Choose a large, uncompromising handbasket that can fit your rug size and fold it neatly inside. Place the handbasket in a corner or on a shelf, allowing the rug’s vibrant colors and patterns to peek through. This not only keeps your rugs organized but as wel adds a bohemian touch to your space.

DIY carpeting Holders
If you’re feeling crafty, you can produce your own DIY rug holders using materials such as PVC pipes, woody dowels, or even rope. For example, you can make a simple rug bearer by thinning a premature ventricular contraction pipe into sections, attaching them together with connectors, and hanging them on your wall. pen up your rug over the pipe sections, securing it with clips or rope. This DIY solution allows you to custom-make the size and shape of your carpeting holder spell adding a unique touch down to your place décor.

In conclusion, storing your boho rugs doesn’t have to be a challenge. With these inventive ideas, you can upgrade your home décor while keeping your rugs safety and well-preserved. Whether you choose to turn your rugs into wall hangings, display them on racks, store them under the bed, repurpose furniture, roll them up, use plain-woven baskets, or create your own DIY rug holders, these depot solutions will not only keep your rugs organized but also add a touch down of bohemian flair to your space. So go ahead and show window your boho rugs in style!


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