Special taste, soft ice cream machine can get it!

Soft ice cream has been subjected to more and more liking in the dessert industry, and one of its reasons is that soft ice cream can concoct ice cream with various flavors. The soft ice cream machine is an indispensable equipment in this process, and how to use the soft ice cream machine to make soft ice cream with special taste is a skill that every dessert manufacturer needs to master. Here are some common flavors and how to make them.

Special taste, soft ice cream machine can get it!插图

Fruit flavor

Fruit-flavored soft serve ice cream can be made with fresh fruit or fruit juice. First put the fruit or juice into a mixing bowl, puree, and filter to remove residue. When making soft ice cream, add pureed fruit or fruit juice into the soft ice cream machine, mix and stir with the basic ice cream, and then make fruit flavored soft ice cream.


Creamy taste

Creamy soft serve ice cream requires cream powder to be added during the making process. Mix base ice cream with cream powder and stir well to make creamy soft ice cream.


Chocolate flavour

Chocolate-flavored soft serve ice cream requires the addition of chocolate sauce or cocoa powder. In the production process, mix the chocolate sauce or cocoa powder into the base ice cream, stir well and make it.


Coffee taste

Coffee-flavored soft serve ice cream needs to be added with coffee powder or coffee concentrate. Mix coffee powder or concentrated liquid into the base ice cream and stir well to make coffee-flavored soft serve ice cream.


Mint flavor

Mint-flavored soft serve ice cream needs to add peppermint extract or peppermint essential oil, and fresh mint leaves can also be used. During the production process, mix mint extract or essential oil into the base ice cream, stir well, add fresh mint leaves and stir to make mint flavor soft ice cream.


Ice Cream Sandwich Flavor

When making soft serve ice cream, you can add a variety of fillings, such as chocolate chips, cookie chips, nuts, etc. Add the filling material into the basic ice cream, stir well to make the soft ice cream filling flavor.


Soft ice cream production process
  1. Pour the milk, whipping cream and sugar into a bowl and beat the mixture with a whisk until the sugar is completely dissolved.
  2. Add vanilla extract and continue stirring. Vanilla extract can be used to enhance the texture and taste of ice cream.
  3. Pour the mixture into the soft serve ice cream machine, follow the instructions of the machine to select the corresponding production mode and start it.
  4. After the machine starts, add the rich topping to the ice cream batter while continuing to let the machine churn until the ice cream forms.
  5. When you’re done, put the ice cream into a plate, put it in the refrigerator and keep it chilled until it’s ready to eat.

It should be noted that when making soft-serve ice cream, make sure to wash and sanitize the utensils to avoid the risk of bacterial contamination and cross-infection. In addition, according to your preferences and creativity, you can flexibly combine suitable ingredients and adjust the ratio to get a personalized ice cream texture and taste.


Regularly replace the parts of the soft serve ice cream machine

Like other equipment, soft serve ice cream machines also need to replace damaged parts regularly to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Especially the belt, scraper and other vulnerable parts of the soft ice cream machine need to be checked frequently and replaced in time when necessary. At the same time, we must pay attention to the selection of genuine parts to ensure their quality and stability.


In a word, making soft ice cream with special taste requires many different skills and methods, and the key is to add different taste materials. During the production process, you can constantly try different flavors, find the production method that suits you, and share the sweet taste with customers.